Our references


  • Czech plastic products manufacturer Zelinger Plast, s.r.o.: http://www.zelinger.cz 

    Accomplished: 10 injection molds of different complexity within 2012 


  • Czech telecommunication equipment producer 2N Telekomunikace a.s.: http://www.2n.cz 

    Accomplished: design documentation for a plastic case of an electronic product and organisation of injection molds set manufacturing (4 molds)



  • Czech developer and producer of solutions in road user charging segment Tollnet a.s.: http://www.tollnet.cz  

    Accomplished: prototypes manufacturing of the pilot product to be produced
    In process:  manufacture of the complete set of injection molds for the earlier prototyped product 


  • Ukrainian producer of innovative healthcare products "Nashe Nasledie" (Our Heritage):  http://www.kletchatka.com.ua 

    Accomplished: design of the plastic based back-bone trainer,
    28 injection molds manufacture and succesfull implementation