Injection molds manufacturing

An injection mold is a general term used to describe the tooling intended for production of plastic, rubber or aluminium alloy parts by method of high pressure injection on an injection molding machine.
The quality of molded parts is directly proportional to the quality of molds. This i sone of the reasons why we cooperate only with the best personally approved mold-making and tooling factories in China (located mainly in Shenzhen area not far from HongKong).
Our molds are delivered with the guarantee of up to 1 000 000 molding cycles for plastic and rubber parts, and up to 80 000 molding cycles for aluminium alloy parts.
 An injection mold consists of extremely precisely machined parts which must correctly fit together. The injection mold parts can be generally divided into two categories: standard and specific parts. The usual ratio of standard parts in an injection mold usually makes 60-90%, whereas the usual ratio of total price value of standard parts in a mold is 30-70%. The final price of an injection mold always depends on the complexity of molded product, its geometry, requirements on the mold life cycle and some other criterias.

Among standard injection mold parts belong following:

- Mold base (A plate and B plate),
- Sprue bushings, pillars, centering elements,
- Ejector pins (pushers),
- Runner system (cold runner, hot runner),
 - Cooling system
Among specific mold parts especially belong:
- Core and cavity,
- Centering ring
- Inserts,
- some other parts.

We can offer you following methods of cooperation:

1. Complete supply of a plastic, rubber or aluminium alloy injection mold – from product documentation creation up to personal mold implementation at your factory.

Our company is taking over responsibility for a personal quality control of the injection mold directly in the factory of our production partner. The quality control procedure includes also audit and eventual fine-tuning of technological methods of mold manufacture. The molded samples complying to the technical specifications of customer are being sent on our cost to the customer for his own measurements and quality approval. After samples approval the mold is being packed and shipped to the customer (air shipment – up to 7 days with customs clearance) or sea freight to Hamburg and further road/air shipment to the customer factory (up to 50 days with customs clearance).  

2. Production and sub-delivery of certain mold parts (standard and/or specific)

For core and cavity production, we offer the complete cycle of technological procedures as:
- Liquid or fluid nitration,
- Mold texturing according to MoldTech® catalogue

Such form of cooperation will enable you to:

  • Shorten production cycle of your injection mold. While you as main mold producer gather all standard mold parts, specific mold parts as core and cavity are being continously processed by us/our partner.
  • Save time and money and provide your clients with shorter lead times for unchanged or even better prices than before, while offering the same good quality.
  • Enlarge your production capacity by outsourcing most time-consuming activities and thus gaining ability to accept orders which you had to reject because of insufficient capacity before.

3. Delivery of standard mold LKM parts

We offer you delivery of standard mold parts per your reuqest produced by the major Asian mold materials producer - the LKM corporation. 
Standard delivery time from the ordering date (air freight) takes approximately 10-12 days.

4. Production and delivery of ready made plastic/rubber/metal parts 

 If you are an end customer who is looking for ready made products delivery without having to worry about mold service and operation by yourself, we offer you complete cycle of jobs leading to you getting ready products matching your needs and given criterias.